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Firefox switched to DNS-over-HTTPS recently and it uses Cloudflare. (I may be talking nonsense here... This could have nothing to do with it.)

It looks like you're correct.

* systemd-resolve --status -> (my ISP)

* dig archive.is ->

* whois -> Serverio technologijos MB

* Firefox -> Preferences -> Network Settings -> DNS over HTTPS: enabled

I don't recall doing that...


Unbelievable! Apparently Mozilla unilaterally enabled DoH in my browser sometime within the past 2 months without so much as notifying me! WTF?! This sort of thing is completely unacceptable no matter how pure their intentions might be.

It was that weird new popup on the left side of the address bar, saying something about privacy on the web..

Once you know what they're talking about, it had a No Thanks button right on it. IMO I don't like browser DNS myself but their rollout is/was okay by me.

I feel ya. I just switched to Vivaldi due to the "megabar". (More precisely, due to Moz removing the option to disable the megabar.)

I must have missed this change. Searching on the web did not give much information. What's bad about the new address bar?


cracks knuckles

Let me fire up the ol' rant machine...

Ah fuck it... It's too early in the morning.

- - - -

In the great order of things the "megabar" isn't that big of a deal.

I personally hate it, but that's just me.

Objectively it's bad UI for a few reasons, but I don't want to write a big screed about UI design.

At the root of the problem is what dude said above: their attitude stinks.

They activate it without consent.

They remove the option to disable it.

Mozilla has become a caricature of itself. They were already just a fig leaf over Google's hegemony (They get 85%-90% of their money from Google and send telemetry to them by default.) Now it seems like they are adopting the same patronizing and distant stance.

I hate to say it because I used to really like Mozilla and I even have some friends working there so I know it's a bunch of really good, committed folks over there, but to me their progress and process have become retrograde along the dimensions I care most about.

Any lost functionality? New privacy issues? The main thing I noticed was that the bar got some empty space to its left and right, which took some effort to remove.

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