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There’s going to be a big exodus of open source developers going to Linux-powered platforms instead of the standard Mac laptop because of this ridiculousness

> the standard Mac laptop

There is nothing standard about a Mac laptop, both technically and in market share.

Well, I'd say 90% of the computers I've seen at the last 10 confs I've attended were Macbook Pros


Look outside the US.

At Silicon Valley technology companies? A Mac is generally the computer that you're likely to get.

Silicon Valley is a very small dot in the global scale.

It's not just Silicon Valley. In the last two companies I've worked in in the UK everyone had Macbooks.

A fairly influential one, nonetheless.

Influential in technology output? Yeah. Influential in Mac market share? Not in the slightest.

Companies around the globe don’t care one bit about which laptops SV companies are buying.

This is happening at my company already because docker performance on Macs is terrible.

On the one hand, of course it is, because Macs are slow at running Linux stuff in the same way that Linux is slow at running non-Linux stuff.

On the other hand, Apple should decide if they care about Docker performance. The answer seems to be "a little" (Hypervisor.framework) but much less than, say, Microsoft.

Apple doesn't talk about their future plans. Today we see stagnation, YET with spikes of exotic ideas (e.g. L4, which would permit efficient L4 Linux).

Per Apple's style, a big kernel change on the Mac side would absolutely be tied to a hardware change, to break things once and not twice. Build a new Mac with a Linux-friendly kernel (perhaps Linux, perhaps modified L4, or something new), put it on their beastly ARM CPUs, and I'm drooling.

Then again I don't work at Apple.

Is that slowness possibly related to the OP's issue? And possibly might benefit from the same workarounds posted here?

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