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+1, very excited about this.

They're marketing it in the OLAP space right now, but at some point I'd like to try integrating it with a web framework I've been working on.[1][2] It'd be a more powerful version of firebase's real-time queries. Firebase's queries don't let you do joins; you basically can just filter over a single table at a time. So you have to listen to multiple queries and then join the results by hand on the frontend. Doesn't work if you're aggregating over a set of entities that's too large to send to the client (or that the client isn't authorized to see).

[1] https://findka.com/blog/migrating-to-biff/ [2] https://github.com/jacobobryant/biff

Thanks for the vote of confidence! One thing: We're not marketing it in the OLAP space. Our existing users very much are building new applications.

Initially we went for the metaphor of "what if you could keep complex SQL queries (e.g. 6-way joins and complex aggregations, the kinds of queries that today are essentially impossible outside a data warehouse) incrementally updated in your application within milliseconds? What would you build?

We're moving away from that metaphor because it seems it's more confusing than helpfuL. Tips always appreciated!

Ah, thanks for the correction. In any case I'm looking forward to trying it out eventually--got a number of other things ahead in the queue though.

My suggestion would be consider comparing it to firebase queries. Firebase devs are already familiar with how incrementally updated queries can simplify application development a lot. But, despite Firebase's best marketing attempts, the queries are very restrictive compared to sql or datalog.

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