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Oh man, I used to research in OCT for deep brain stimulation! It's pretty cool tech, that is for sure. It's got a huge market for bio applications and certain industrials.

That said, optics is a super finicky field. You can come in and get a Nobel for 5 hours work, or you can spend 50 years in a dark room trying to get things together. Alignment is crazy difficult, thought it seems it shouldn't be.

Anyone that wants to dive into optics: Just do it for 2 years, no more.

Alignment should be done system-wide by orders of magnitude. If you are on a breadboard, get everything to within a cm of final location, then everything within a mm, etc. Don’t ever spend more than 1 minute at a time on any component. This stuff was not in the textbooks.

It's especially hard with OCT as it's in the IR spectrum. You just have to go on your meters alone. It takes forever.

Tell me more about getting a Nobel in 5 hours. I’ll buy your ebook :)

Meaning, if you don't get there in two years, you won't?

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