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Really interesting. But at the same time, after four zillion years of evolution, we still don't breathe in a reasonably optimal way?

Exactly, if you are going to make a claim that most people are breathing inadequately, back it up more. The author made numerous appeals to authority and didn't include links to any studies. The only study he actually mentioned was a study on himself about mouth breathing.

It's worth pointing out in this connection that breathing is both autonomic and volitional. Only blinking (and I think one other that I can't recall ATM) is also like that. In other words, breathing is one of the only two (three?) vital autonomic processes that one can do non-optimally!

You can't digest wrong, or regulate your temperature wrong, or pump your blood wrong, etc. but you can breath wrong.

In some (sub-)cultures breathing is at the core of knowledge and health while in others it's barely understood, eh?

(FWIW, I suspect that volitional breathing must have something to do with spoken language, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to do other than speculate.)

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