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Loon kills bald eagle by stabbing it in the heart (bbc.com)
16 points by boulos 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Dang needs to kill this before the Canadian nationalists arrive to laugh at us Americans... /s

I removed the clickbait in the title on purpose!

> Canada v US: Loon stabs eagle through heart

Admittedly it was decently done, but I felt it violates the clickbait rules.

Holy shit I thought that was a whole different sort of “loon” when reading the title

Aww, that was an unfortunate side effect of me removing their clickbait “Canada v USA” that it had...

"Who would think a loon would stand a chance against such a powerful predator?" she wrote."

I dunno... Ask Steve Irwin about stingrays if you see him in the afterlife.

Sometimes, feces occurs.

And thus, natural selection marches on: the next bald eagle will likely not be so weak to loons!

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