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I confess I switch to Android from iPhone as a single issue voter - I just wanted to put files on and off it without the OS getting in the way.

These days though I think iPhone is a little better at that, and Android gets in the way all the time ("Camera has crashed, please restart your phone" - somehow, restarting all apps that may have interacted with the camera works too Android, why don't you clean up after yourself so I don't miss nice photo opportunities).

“Camera has crashed” is very likely model/manufacturer dependant.

That said, having to evaluate different models to get something reliable is a pain (currently I would only buy either Pixel or Nokia).

Yeah I figured as much. Moto G5 Plus if anyone cares.

However, if it carries the Android brand I think it's fair to put some of the blame on Google. Atari learned that lesson in the early 1980s.

Yeah, I'm also a single-issue Android user (have used Dvorak for nearly 20 years now, no interest in using/learning the iOS QWERTY keyboard), and if anyone asks me, I'm hard-pressed to recommend an Android device over an iOS device.

You can use Dvorak on iOS. One example (but not the only example): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dvorak-colemak-keyboards/id940...

Yeah, I've tried, but third-party keyboard apps on iOS definitely feel second-tier, and iOS will revert to the stock keyboard app for certain things, and it's just too jarring to get punted to QWERTY whenever I need to enter my phone password.

With face-id and password vaults, I never need to enter passwords :D

"Passwords" in general aren't a problem, they don't revert the keyboard to the "wrong" layout - it's only the iOS system password that does this. It's not a daily occurrence, but you still need to enter the device password with the "wrong" layout every time you restart your device, when you go 48 hours without unlocking your device, when you have too many unsuccessful Face ID/Touch ID attempts.

It's not a big issue normally, but how would you feel, if, as a QWERTY user, you were punted to a Dvorak keyboard to enter your password every time you restarted/updated your phone?

My wife and I both use DVORAK, but so many computers are QWERTY that I can use both now without thinking.

I knew I had them both down when I could tell people verbally how to enter text on our DVORAK machine by telling them the QWERTY equivalent without looking.

I've never been cool with people using my keyboard or with using other people's keyboards. One of my personal silver linings from COVID is that this should generally no longer be acceptable outside of family units.

It will be interesting if this type of previously acceptable behavior will be driven away by fear, even if the fear turns out to be unwarranted and potentially counter productive.

I.e. assume the trends continue, and COVID spread is confirmed to happen 99% of the time by respiratory droplets (touch being an ineffective transfer mechanism). Also, data on ultra-clean environments point to harmful effects on the human immune system.

Story from colleague: New intern doesn’t shake hands on introduction, but subsequently continues to work shoulder to shoulder in doors for hours learning equipment.

I’m indifferent to the handshaking, but it will be humorous to me if it has absolutely nothing to do with covid and it goes away. (kind of like rental car companies, some airlines, air bnb etc. that may all be destroyed by fear).

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