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Everyone in this thread is debating lid vs meat vs "do we need this at all?" when the problem I have when I cook on a (gas) grill is that half the grill is cold and the other half is a raging inferno and I can't understand why. Seems to me like I need multiple thermometers to figure out why there is such uneven cooking. Ironically, I have a much easier time cooking on wood / charcoal.

To address your problem, check the size of the flames on your gas lines first. Those do rust, and it may just help to give it a few knocks and clean the ports with a wire brush.

Some of your valves may be stuck, resulting in low output. Check all areas for rust, and clean it out if it's evident.

Gas grills are too often engineered for low cost builds. They rust easily, and require regular maintenance.

Good luck!

Someone I know bought an inexpensive Bluetooth thermometer controller with support for 6 probes, so you may be able to find what you want.

I just bought some GrillGrates that supposedly help with that. Good reviews, but I haven't yet tried them out.


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