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PGCon 2020 is free and will stream beginning May 26th (pgcon.org)
110 points by Dowwie 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

The advanced programming Dojo I run is focusing on databases right now, so I recommended they join one of the low level sessions to get a better feel for the actual details of RDBMS architecture.

Skimming the schedule, I thought these might do the job, but does anyone with more familiarity have a more specific recommendation?






I went to one of the streams and it had a video of someone ignoring the camera for half an hour, placeholder maybe ? https://www.pgcon.org/2020/stream1.php

I think that’s Dan Langille, the organisor of pgcon.

Yes, it was me.

What you saw there was a test session.

I spent most of yesterday running three concurrent test sessions where speaker could turn up and test their configuration for the Q&A sessions.

Crazy to see MS as platinum sponsor.

They recently bought Citus and they host pg on Azure.

Its not that crazy. MS contributes a lot (through Citus) to PG ever since they took an interest for Postgres on Azure.

Yep, they even employ committers

They seem to have lots of cool info, except for no visible schedule of events.

Since this will be videos in sequence, it would be nice to have an idea of what those videos might be about

There is a schedule link in the side menu - https://www.pgcon.org/events/pgcon_2020/schedule/

Oh wow, that page... how should I say... has an "interesting" design. Definitely doesn't aid readability though.

Every one of the streaming pages contains these four links:

* Schedule * Stream 1 * Stream 2 * Stream 3

I never thought to click on a link that implies I’d get the video stream.

It occurs to me now, that the use of ‘stream’ here is not in the context of playing video

The talks will be streamed. You can't just view the video upon demand. Yet.

The video will be available later.

Wondering if there are any news on Zheap?

Slightly disappointed to discover upon clicking the link that PgCon does not in fact stand for Paul Graham Con.

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