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Way prefer a grill with an IP address to an oven or refrigerator.

"Alexa, set my oven to bake at 375" is something you hear several times a week in my house. ️

Now my dishwasher, that's got wifi as well and that one I don't really get. The only command it accepts is to tell me how many dishwasher detergent pods I have left. To have it track that, I have to tell it whenever I buy more pods, and it subtracts one every time I run a dishwashing cycle.

You could probably hook that up to grocy[0]

[0] - https://grocy.info/

All 3 of these will inevitably be botnet nodes and DDoS amplifiers. We aren't ready for the responsibility of having any of these class of devices added to the internet.

At least it's easier to throw out the window.

I think it would be really nice to have access to cameras in my refrigerator when I have a dinner idea as I'm leaving work.

Hope it's not a gas grill, or you may be one zero-day short of a remotely-activated IED.

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