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Why does Weber have their own browser? Or is this one of those embedded browsers in an app? If the latter, why do they need an embedded browser in their app?

Have you ever used the kind of application that would be produced by a barbeque grill manufacturer? I am not surprised it has an embedded web browser and this type of misconfiguration in the bundle.

No, I usually don't install apps for things like grills, refrigerators, trashcans or other domestic objects since I can't imagine they'd offer me anything obviously beneficial. I'm sure that's why I haven't enjoyed experiences like this.

This. Sure, we can question why these kinds of apps get bundled with "internet of things" devices, but it won't stop until we realise collectively we aren't in fact better off with things listening to every word, reacting to every move, recording everyone passing our house, etc.

Just makes me think of that Futurama episode where the robotic wash bucket switches bodies with Amy...

Maybe you aren't. I love it. Hasn't hurt me in any way and I've only ever got benefits from it. Honestly, there are lots of companies and some governments I'd be willing to buy a tracking chip from to embed in my body for the right value.

I've never used a Bluetooth one, but wireless meat thermometers are super helpful IMO. They mostly use proprietary protocols, but a lot of the 433mhz ones have been reverse engineered

Probably something like a privacy policy or faq that opens the weber website in an embedded browser

Probably, not well configured an AndroidManifest.xml is the problem.

It doesn't have its own browser, it's just a misconfigured app that makes Android think its a browser.

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