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The book : Oxygen advantage[1] makes similar points. It points out to the research of why swimmers have higher life expectancy than the average athelete, why almost all of us are hyperventilating. Then he outlines simple exercises to improve your breathing habit.

Few points: 1. Always breathe through your nose. Even when you are jogging/cycling heavily. 2. Try to hold your breathe for elongate period of time. 3. Try doing 2 while walking/running/cycling. 4. Swim! 5. Pushing the breathe out and then holding is better than taking the breathe in and holding.

[1] https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26533127-the-oxygen-adva...

That book lost me when he started in on the "acid diet". (Not that I don't understand it, but rather I believe it's been soundly refuted.)

I have fairly narrow nostrils and have a hard time imagining this!

I feel the same, and honestly, I think it's a major disadvantage. Being able to breathe through your nose exclusively even while exercising seems insane to me.

The general principal may be fine. My narrow nostrils are one of several genetic reasons why I would be more likely to be eaten by a tiger than many. So I'm not in the upper percentiles that this advice is likely aimed at!

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