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Tim Pool (news commentator and multi-Rogan guest) called Rogan and apparently this is misinfo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izHSJ3OFJ2E

They start out by talking about some of the issues you mentioned. They break mid-way, and apparently Tim got off the phone with Rogan and cleared up that censorship was not the primary motivator. The cut to after the Rogan call is 15:27.

Hmm. It may still have been a motivator, if not the primary one. He still intends to host clips on YouTube and Spotify probably doesn’t want to be seen as a refuge for problematic creators, so he may have reason to downplay this angle publicly.

For some reason he has done a 180 from his earlier position on Spotify as quoted in the article.

Anything Tim Pool says should be treated with a ten foot poll.

Regardless of what you think about Tim Pool, the speculation that censorship was a primary motivator of this move came from Alex Jones. So...

Or one of them said something stupid and wanted it out of podcast. Which is absolutely fine. We will never know.

Care to explain why? I'm curious.

In my experience he's as unbiased as a journalist can be regarding American happenings.

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