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It's a good question. How do we classify non-commercial? Is a telecom company using timescaledb for internal time series storage non-commercial although it is directly supporting a commercial offering (maybe mobile traffic platforms)?

I do get the direct commercial inference. What about the indirect ones? Just about anything in production is directed towards supporting some sort of commercial offering.

Just genuinely curious...

We took great effort to try to draw a clear line within the actual Timescale License language [0].

Usage is permitted, as long as:

  the [end-]customer is prohibited, either contractually or technically, from
  defining, redefining, or modifying the database schema or other
  structural aspects of database objects, such as through use of the
  Timescale Data Definition Interfaces, in a Timescale Database utilized by
  such Value Added Products or Services.
In other words, if your service just provides DML access (read/write/modify), then that is permitted, while DDL access (modifying/creating schemas) is not permitted.

And in fact we already have thousands of companies building commercial applications on top of Timescale Licensed software (while adhering to the license).

[0] https://github.com/timescale/timescaledb/blob/master/tsl/LIC...

If I'm reading https://github.com/timescale/timescaledb/blob/master/tsl/LIC... right, then for a SaaS company -- not necessarily a database-as-a-service company -- section 3.11 states that SaaS company can't run Data Definition Language (DDL) commands like CREATE, DROP, ALTER, TRUNCATE, COMMENT, and RENAME.

So if I need to adjust my schema using ALTER TABLE, how would I do that and stay license compliant?

Or if I'm running out of disk and need to run DROP TABLE, is my only choice to simply get more disk space rather than dropping tables?

Some of our customers will need their own unique schema, and will need their own tables. So, how would we even run CREATE TABLE and stay compliant?

Maybe I'm missing something?

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