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Alleged Hypocrisy and Discrimination at Glitch (Fog Creek Software) (twitter.com)
28 points by exolymph 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Upvoted for the expression "aspirational truthing".

> Before he started, users visiting http://hyperdev.com (Glitch’s predecessor) went straight to the editor. An app was spun up automatically.

> All those users and apps were counted in usage figures for as long as I was there (and maybe still?) Of the millions of apps that Glitch tauts, I’d guess a significant percentage are either barely changed from the default or do nothing but return a 500.

I've always wondered could this sort of behavior be considered fraud? Kind of like how I think some platforms allow bots to boost usage statistics, etc.

And, if the company doesn't work out, can the investors sue for that reason?

> Some people had their years of experience knocked down if the experience wasn’t Fog Creek Caliber. So a person could have 7 years of experience and get paid as if they had three. I understand this practice was kept after Fog Creek changed to Glitch.

This is pretty egregious. Are there any current or former staffers (throwaway accounts if you value your NDAs) who can attest to this? Was there any reference document internally which discussed what constituted the appropriate "caliber" of work experience?

While I get this is frustrating - the bands don't matter. What matters if you are fundamentally being paid your worth. The bands are just an excuse for them to say "see we're paying you enough" - they are not truth in and of themselves. And if you are not being paid enough, no matter what the bands, HR, or BS of the week says, you should advocate for yourself and probably leave.

Underrated comment. If you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, find an org that values you more. Always Be Interviewing.

As the saying goes, don’t build a tower until you’ve counted the costs, because of you only get it built halfway people will mock you.

All of these changes look good and quite frankly progressive (highest made a max of 4x the lowest, for example). Now that they haven’t delivered, it looks like it was just talk.

A shame really, because I’d like to see this kind of transparency catch on, but calling out the hypocrisy will certainly put downward pressure on it.

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