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Viva Las Vegas? (spectator.us)
18 points by maram 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

>We’ve replaced true ambition with egalitarian goals, free of risks, secure and comfortable. We crush true originality and individualism because it may lead to unbridled success and happiness, bursting the bubble in which the rest of us can hide. We convince ourselves that this scaled homogeneity is happiness, but it’s little more than carefully packaged mass nihilism. We are the Nietzschean nightmare of the Last Men. If Vegas today is a prediction of America tomorrow, our future is Resorts World: a delusional and degraded service economy for China.

If you told me that this was written by a 13-year old who thinks Atlas Shrugged is non-fiction, I would have replied "Hmm. That's alright for a 13-year-old. Once he gets out of this phase he should be a pretty good writer."

Hahahaha.... I just made it through the article and was trying to figure out the weird taste it left in my mouth. You just named it perfectly.

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