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Correct me if I am wrong.

Timescale DB Core ( if there is such a thing ) is still available under Apache 2.0. So nothing has changed. You can use it just like any other open source project with no restriction.

Timescale DB multi-node, originally not free and only available in Timescale Cloud. Is now Freely available under the Timescale License, a source-available license.

Timescale DB multi-node and its license only forbid you to provide TimescaleDB "multi-node" itself-as-a-service. And does not allow running it with any changes that is not upstreamed. You can still resell any software or services built on top of Timescale DB multi-node.

Again, correct me if I am wrong.


Yes, TimescaleDB "core" - still Apache 2.0

TimescaleDB multi-node - was never before released, is now released for free under the Timescale License, a source-available license

There are other capabilities (e.g., gap-filling) that are also under the Timescale License, in addition to multi-node.

The Timescale License prevents "TimescaleDB-as-a-service" usage.

You can still run software / services on top of Timescale Licensed software, as long as you are not offering "TimescaleDB-as-a-service".

The Timescale License currently prevents running any modifications in production, but we are actively debating removing that restriction (as I mention elsewhere).

Hope this helps.

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