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> Lisp interpreter (or maybe compiler? not sure)

I believe it is actually a Scheme dialect, and I would be very surprised if it is not compiled to some internal representation upon load.

> This capabilities-ruleset interpreter is what Apple uses the term "Gatekeeper" to refer to, mostly.

I am fairly sure Gatekeeper is mostly just Quarantine and other bits that prevent the execution of random things you download from the internet.

In the Apple Sandbox Guide v1.0 [1], it mentions Dionysus Blazakis' paper [2] presented at Blackhat DC 2011.

In the latter, Apple's sandbox rule set (custom profiles) is called SBPL - Sandbox Profile Language - and is described as a "Scheme embedded domain specific language".

It's evaluated by libSandbox, which contains TinyScheme! [3]

From what I could understand, the Scheme interpreter generates a blob suitable for passing to the kernel.


[1] https://reverse.put.as/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Apple-Sand...

[2] https://media.blackhat.com/bh-dc-11/Blazakis/BlackHat_DC_201...

[3] http://tinyscheme.sourceforge.net/home.html

That sounds about right. I was doing some work in this area very recently, which found a couple of methods to bypass sandboxing entirely, but somewhat humorously the issues did not require me to have any understanding of how the lower levels of this worked ;)

Blazakis' paper is a fascinating investigative/exploratory work, delving deep into the sandbox mechanism. I learned more than I wanted to know!

Yeah, it's on my reading list :)

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