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I think I agree with this sentiment with one caveat: (I didn't read their license in detail, but really for licenses like this which seems to be the broader topic)

Today Timescale offers Timescale-as-a-service, so this allows them a kind of soft-monopoly on being a paid provider for this, but do these licenses generally contain a provision such that if they no longer provide that service themselves, whether from going out of business or a pivot to another product, then someone else could step in and offer it in the future? Closed source products have often had a kind of source-code escrow arrangement so that if they go out of business, you're not stuck unable to fix your own bugs, but similarly, if part of the value in adopting it is that the paid service IS available, knowing that someone else can offer a compatible service if they disappear might be a nice reassurance for the license to offer.

They're not actually providing it themselves - Aiven actually runs the backend. Seems like that points to it having some longevity.


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