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> To the rest of the community outside of the OSI and FSF (which is 99%+ of the software community), this is a perfectly acceptable example of "open source"

Please review clause 2.1 (d) and section 2.2. The freedom to run your own modifications in production is not granted. This is a big deal, and rightly a deal-breaking omission for something to be acceptable as either open source or free (as in freedom).

> The Timescale license checks almost all the boxes ...

_Almost_ all, but not all. Some things work only when all of them work, like freedoms.

Just for clarification: This limitation only applies to code under the Timescale License, while most of our code is licensed under the Apache 2.

Of course, this discussion is not about code that _is_ open-source. It is about the code that isn't but some people would like us to believe is — and I'm quoting my parent comment here — "a perfectly acceptable example of "open source"".

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