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“Light on Pranayama” by Iyengar is a great book on yogic breathing (pranayama) for anyone interested in learning various techniques and exercises.

sophisticated and subtle.. a good (real life) teacher and stable practice habits are recommended at each turn.

(with thirty years of practice in the Iyengar teachings, I consider myself a beginner-intermediate. I know enough not to go too far... When in doubt, let your natural breath return without interference (as said in the book))

I find that the hardest thing to determine - the outbreath falls away naturally, but I can sit there until it feels like I'm never going to inhale again, and at no point does it feel like my breath "returns" by itself, but rather I feel like I have to drag it in, while my heartrate spikes. I have been mildly asthmatic all my life, so maybe that has something to do with it. Incidentally I have often noticed my thoughts become agitated and realised that I'm holding my lungs empty.

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