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Xcode (the UI) is able to bypass GateKeeper checks for things it builds.

The "Developer Tool" pane in System Prefs, Security, Privacy is the same power. Drag anything into that list you'd like to grant the same privilege (such as xcodebuild). This is inherited by child processes as well.

The point of this is to avoid malware packing bits of Xcode with itself and silently compiling itself on the target machine, thus bypassing system security policy.

Reminds me of the AV exception folder our corporate IT created for developers. Soon absolutely everything developers needed or created was installed into that folder. Applications, IDEs, you name it.

Guilty as accused. I try to keep to an absolute minimum. Like docker data-dir and IDE. With that i can atleast use my machine.

otherwise this macos notarisation, along with a possibly of cpu heating issues with left thunderbolt usage and corporate av scanning, makes my machine, next to useless

Putting Terminal (and your favorite text editor) in this category and in "Full Disk Access" will change your life.

How does "Full Disk Access" help?

You can browse Time Machine backup directory trees from the CLI again.

Yes, falling victim to ransomware is definitely lifechanging if you don’t have good backups.

That is a non-sequitur.

It's not; they are stating that if you bypass these security checks, you open the machine up to ransomware.

better not turn on it at all, to be extra safe

So since these permissions apply to process trees, what happens if you put launchd in there?

The computer will probably hang while it tries to solve the chicken-egg problem.

Isn't launchd Mac's ‘init’? I.e. run before anything else.

Yes, and that's the point — everything you run will theoretically inherit the permission from it.

Can you advise on how to make the "Developer Tool" panel in "System Prefs, Security, Privacy" appear if it is not present? Cant find a way: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60176405/macos-catalina-...

Thanks for the link. Tried it, but that did not work

GateKeeper only triggers the check for things downloaded from the internet. IOW, it checks if your binary has a quarantine flag attached via an extended attribute.

That is not correct starting with Catalina.

How do I get a "Developer Tool" pane in System Prefs? Do I have to install X-Code? I would really rather not

This is life-changing. Thank you!

What did you notice?

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