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I think you are being a bit generous on the causes and effects. The #1 concern of a product like this is adoption. Not in some unsustainable subsidized taxi or food delivery type thing, just that data stores are naturally sticky and come with long term opportunity as usage grows. If they dominate the time series use case, and there is good reason to believe they will, earning revenues will fall out of that in a multitude of ways. I will believe the license proves prophetic if a major cloud or minor cloud with deep pockets does a SaaS license. Until then, this is a pretty standard FOSS+support business model that became popular in the past decade.

I don't think it's FOSS+support, more like a cloud database service offering. Time will tell I suppose as to which business model dominates. And one could make the argument the service is a form of support.

My own experience is the majority of people are using it on their own cloud instances, on prem, or embedded. It's not obvious the first-party aaS will catch on right now, just like the novel license. I don't mean any of this negatively, it's clearly a well run business by smart people that are experimenting with revenue models and trying to achieve the fair outcomes for customers and the business.

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