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Awesome. I just hope that one day Amazon supports it on RDS. I do know that Digital Ocean does!

An important clarification is that Azure, Digital Ocean, Rackspace (Object Rocket), Alibaba Cloud -- which all support managed TimescaleDB today -- only offer the Apache-2 version of TimescaleDB.

Many of the more advanced features of TimescaleDB, including this distributed options, is released under the Timescale License.

All code under the Timescale License is also source available and people are free to use, incorporate into their commercial SaaS services, distribute, etc. with the primary limitation being if you are offering TimescaleDB as a hosted DBaaS (like RDS, Azure Postgres, etc.)

Instead, Timescale Cloud is the place to get TimescaleDB advanced features as a fully managed DBaaS.


I was hoping that too but I think Amazon is still working on their time series database[1]. We registered for their preview in 2018 and it's still in preview with no access.


I would recommend looking at Aiven if you want to deploy Timescale on AWS (we use it to deploy on GCP, which is also missing the extension in their CloudSQL offering).

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