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We should be grateful for good news in Georgia (theweek.com)
15 points by mrfusion 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

I would rather look at the data than the narrative: https://twitter.com/ScottGottliebMD/status/12638990598378987...

Georgia seems to be flat for hospitalizations, at best. I know people want good news, but... if people are being more active and less concerned AND we are nowhere near saturation, why wouldn't the virus continue to spread?

I don't know why everyone expects things to explode exactly two weeks after opening things up and that we are fine if it doesn't. The flip side of exponential growth is a relatively slow ramp up in the beginning, we don't just linearly double every week but may still see 4x in Georgia a month from now.

What are we actually seeing? Is there data?

(I'm discarding all the meta stuff. I think we've all had a trying couple of decades in the US of A. Snark is understandable or anyway universal.)

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