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doener 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite


US link ^

Is this real?

Update: appears real, I bought it for free on the store...

Seems to be real also in Europe. But it makes sense to switch to freemium model, since the original version is lacking a lot of features.

Hey, kid. Would you like some free drugs?

First one for free. Here take it.

I agree that the first one is lacking a lot of features present in civ4 or civ5. And they are betting that you would be pressured to buy DLCs.

CivIII broke me on video games. I just can't submerge into them after that one 18-hour bout some decades ago.

Then social media happened.

Don't look over there at our compromised authentication servers and failure to respond, look over here at this free game!

I'm getting tired of Epic's attempts to bribe me into accepting their shitty storefront and nauseating business tactics. Some people are willing to forgive Epic for paying devs to break crowdfunding promises and kidnapping games that already took pre-orders on other platforms but I'm not.

same. still getting the free licenses and not installing the client. their model can't be sustained forever, and we can all help with that.

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