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I don't understand what's unique about your offering. In fact, I don't know what it is you're offering. What does this do that isn't already catered for by half a dozen other forums?

What other forums have you checked to make sure your idea is different, or better, or more valuable?

The interface seems decent, much better than a run of the mill forum interface. That already would be a plus for me.

Forums/websites I've studied: Linkedin, ryze, freelancer, elance, twitter and facebook.

This is essentially a platform to share micro-level experiences of people involved in professional activity such as job, business etc.

This doesn't really tell us how it's different than LinkedIn though. Just because you've studied these other services doesn't mean you have a differentiator.

There's so little information to go on based on what you've provided that I find it hard to believe anyone would take you up on your request for assistance.

What's a "micro-level experience"? Also, have you seen Quora? http://quora.com

Can you provide me a way to privately contact you? Maybe leave an email address on your HN profile?

Added an email to the profile. Hoping it helps.

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