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Ask HN: What SaaS softwares have you subscribed to?
1 point by harshamv22 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
In the age of SaaS, we all spend a lot of money on a subscription. Which ones do you subscribe to and are worth the $$$?

We try to save on costs so only go for the bare minimum:

- Email - CRM - Billing - Server hosting

Same here. Email CRM and DevOps i.e. db hosting etc...

Email using GSuite and Mailjet. Mailjet isn't good. Their customer service is really bad for their paid plan. I have delivery issue and am still waiting for their reply after 2 days.

Which email and CRM service do you use?

Not him but me. Email Gsuite and Mailjet for transactional emails. CRM is Hubspot CRM.

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