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Tailwind has a class for almost everything, which makes it quite heavy: 1600kb minified. In my experience you end up with ≤ 15kb of minified CSS after running PurgeCSS anyway, so this is not an issue. Personally I prefer Tailwind because you practically don't have to write any CSS. With something like Blunt expect finding many edge cases where you will have to write custom CSS. I do write custom classes that wrap Tailwind classes using the @apply method.. e.g .card and .btn are typical examples (see https://tailwindcss.com/course/composing-utilities-with-appl...).

> ... Tailwind because you practically don't have to write any CSS.

Only until you want to apply a hover style change on a child element (ie: make that svg icon change color when you hover on the a tag that wraps it) and you discover that you need to write that css yourself.

group-hover was made specifically for this use case: https://tailwindcss.com/docs/pseudo-class-variants/#group-ho...

Going slightly off topic but I wonder if anyone can point me to a tailwind "starter kit" - ie. a project with everything in place to get going with tailwind, postcss etc.


And thank you too!

That's the official starter kit: https://github.com/tailwindcss/playground

Thank you!

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