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I use Tachyons (https://tachyons.io/) whenever I can, for achieving this purpose. It seems the scope is overlapping, and tachyons is a little more mature: https://tachyons-tldr.now.sh/.

I love Tachyons, it was the first CSS library/tool that helped me feel comfortable tackling designing good looking pages.

I think its a great tool for someone not comfortable in the space. As you use it more and more you get a good understanding of what the properties are (using margins, paddings, headers, centering text, etc) + couple that with the VSCode plugin, it gives you the real css snippets for what the properties mean. Then over time you start to understand what properties make your html look that way, and then get comfortable writing css from scratch.

+1 Tachyons

I love Tachyons as well, and am happy to see the project hasn't been abandoned in favor of far more complicated things (I mistakenly thought that was the case)

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