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I don't buy into the end times doom and gloom here, some of it downright hysterical.

I do think there are serious issues and the scale of government reach into our lives has expanded dramatically with technology.

I hope we see a sort of eventual awakening to what the scale of potential abuse is and we see more rights extended into the long neglected digital space. The law moves slow (too slow in this case) and it is time it picks up the slack.

But rather than throw a fit I would recommend folks look to join / help organizations like the EFF (https://www.eff.org/) and so forth.

There are serious issues with the scale of everyone's reach into everyone's lives, thanks to the location-destroying effect of modern bidirectional peer-to-peer anonymously-routed communications technology.

The government, like everyone else, from corporations to individuals, is trying to keep up and to figure out what it all means.

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