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There is an interesting segment of the film "IBM Centennial Film: They Were There - People who changed the way the world works" that talks about the initial UPC process. (The entire video is worth watching, lots of good stories)


Wow, fantastic video, thanks for sharing!

Seeing this video, I can't help but feel a bit sad for how far IBM slipped from its former days of glory :( And not only IBM, but also places like Xerox PARC and Bell Labs. We owe _so much_ of modern life to these places.

And yet, whatever "secret sauce" each had seems to have been lost (at least to them, I don't doubt there are other similar places today, although I don't know them).

I hope/assume there are similar places today. Nothing is forever and every institution has a lifespan.

Though I couldn't tell you where the current ones are.

Part of the sauce was high profits, and patent monopoly or actual monopoly power.

Google and Microsoft are today's high profit equivalent, perhaps with or without the patent monopoly.

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