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Using this opportunity to shout out to Rascal (https://github.com/guidesmiths/rascal) which makes using RabbitMQ on Node an absolute joy.

Same with MassTransit[0] and .NET. We have several distributed .NET Core services running in our data center, services running on employee PCs, etc all communicating via RMQ with MassTransit and it's great. The primary maintainer is very active (streams every Thursday evening) and the documentation has gone from "pretty bad" to really good in the last few months.

[0] https://masstransit-project.com/

MassTransit is awesome! I love what Chris Patterson (the author) did. It essentially allows you to swap out RabbitMQ for SQS or Azure Service Bus or a few others. Pretty cool stuff if you're in .NET land.

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