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This article doesn't actually address any of the questions (eg how does he have all this time?). Note that it's on the public record that Gallowboob has worked for social media marketing companies, eg https://www.forbes.com/sites/fernandoalfonso/2016/06/01/cash...

> The Upvoted story never materialized; Reddit administrators were still digging out from under a deluge of drama including revelations about online harassment from its former CEO Yishan Wong and the sudden departure of current CEO Ellen Pao. With no job, Allam spent the next six months crafting the following cover letter and applying to jobs. In February, Ohanian’s advice paid off. Allam, better known on Reddit as gallowboob, had landed a full-time executive gig with the United Kingdom-based media company UNILAD. He got the job thanks to his Reddit prowess. > > ...Allam is a social media executive at UNILAD, an online media organization that “amassed a Facebook following of over 12 million fans, 30 million monthly unique visitors to the website and over 1 billion video views a month,” states the company on its site.

The article is also borderline misleading, as initially I thought their real names had been posted. All that was posted was a list of which users are common moderators of large subreddits. If they are getting abuse to their accounts, the problem is the abuse, not the list.

Agree - "Outed" implies he was doxxed, but per link in the article his name was known in 2016

From what I read, the guy that posted the list then got banned from plenty of those large subreddits. That probably fuelled the rage.

It seems the one of the fundamental problems leading to this situation is that reddit moderation is unpaid yet requires large amounts of time. So anyone who becomes a 'big' moderator has to monetize their efforts externally, leading to communities being suspicious of the motives of any big moderator.

im not sure "how does he have all this time" is relevant? this is a harrassment story, Gallowboob gave in under enormous pressure. It is a sad day for Reddit and I am bearish on them while I don't see any strong ideas for how they fix it.

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