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You can use rust-analyzer from within Sublime Text: https://rust-analyzer.github.io/manual.html#sublime-text-3

If you’re using Sublime Text 3, it’s essentially an alternative to RustEnhanced[0].

[0] https://github.com/rust-lang/rust-enhanced

It's absolutely not an alternative to RustEnhanced. Sublime-LSP + Rust-Analyzer complement RustEnhanced, adding Language Server functionality. They don't conflict in any way.

Source: me, a contributor to both RustEnhanced and Sublime-LSP

You’re right, I was mistaken (and too late to edit my comment).

Out of interest, is there a page anywhere explaining the difference between RustEnhanced and Sublime-LSP + Rust Analyzer? I’ve got both installed, but when I enable Sublime-LSP + RustAnalyzer the experience and functionality is different enough that I assumed it was overriding RustEnhanced.

OK thanks I'll try it, yeah am using rust enhanced atm.

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