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Remember that not everyone is versed in all subjects all the time. This might be the first time they are finding out about the LSP, or it might be the first time they’ve found out the LSP works with vim. No reason to assume any of this.


Sure, but is what I asked not valid? I asked some questions, and said I was confused by their statement. If anything, I acknowledged this, which is why I wrote "Language Server Protocol" and not just the acronym LSP that they had to look up.

Did I mess this up?

Yes, your first sentence can easily be read as (I am only exaggerating slightly) “how can you be so stupid to ask the obvious?” Short form online communication is hard.

Indeed, I'll have to work to soften my tone next time. Appreciated! And here I thought I was doing well by not just using the LSP acronym lol.

the way your start the sentence implies that it's impossible for this person to not know what Language Server Protocol, leading to your confusion

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