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Monadic Functional Control Flow Micro-Library for JavaScript/TypeScript (github.com)
5 points by gianlucaguarini 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Throw this into some already over-bracketized JSX for some code that is truly unreadable by humans and no linter or optimizer will be able to grok. But, hey, it's got Modad!

If you can't read and understand that code probably you can't either use jQuery ;)

What's monadic about this?

The title.

Seriously though, I think that "fluent" interfaces are being re-branded as "monadic" -- I assume because you're creating or piping around bound state and unwrapping/re-wrapping it with the various constructs.

It doesn't even seem to be piping anything around though. The result of the filtering certainly isn't getting piped anywhere.

If I wanted something like this I'd probably just reach for pampy and use pattern matching. Which still isn't "Monadic".

The result of the chain is retained in the `value` property as described in the documentation. Mapping and composition are supported.

1. the chained methods 2. the composable API 3. the value wrapping 4. the mapping function called `run` 5. the support of any kind of generic value

but you are the expert here ;) can you please tell me what am I missing?

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