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Grandma programmed in COBOL (https://timeline.com/women-pioneered-computer-programming-th...) and lisp (https://www.gnu.org/gnu/rms-lisp.html). Don’t be so condescending.

Straight to the tribal, political realm. What do you expect to change? Should we say “Grandpa” instead? Should we try to include the experiences of everyone to a point where common sayings or one off phrases must be dissected for malicious intent? Come on

The reason why I must die lies in music and long toes; I simply do not comprehend many people anymore in these areas. When I was young, and yes, this is a while ago, we had real men and real women and I do understand that was way too binary but the pussyfooting around everything really goes way too far. That is me and as such I have to go before I do not understand anything anymore. I cannot believe people who want to be immortal will not go clinically insane by the weirdness that they see, decade after decade.

You can always move to a more conservative society. I live right on the other side of the globe and look at what's happening in the US with its fifty genders and SJW harassment for using the word "he" as pure lunacy.

There are other, much more serious problems over here, of course.

I live in Portugal (moved from Spain) and yes, that is true on both counts. I find it difficult to live with people who get upset over everything though. I would would say 'grow a pair' but that would not be correct... My grandfather says 'if you survived through a real war you would not care about this crap', but that would not be correct (and I think that's a bit over the top, but he survived 2 world wars)...

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