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Self-Plug: https://www.hvper.com (Official Successor of popurls which more or less started the single page aggregator craze.)

That pink bar takes up almost half of my screen on my iphone 11 and makes the website defacto unusable.

Not to be unkind, but you should fix that. Instead of being incentivized to pay you, my only instinct was to close that page asap.

That's by design — It's not a charity service.

How about you switch to desktop mode on your browser instead of forcing sites to be mobile friendly so you can consume it on a tiny screen. Half the web is broken because of "responsiveness".

To be fair, it's not broken — but coming up with clever viewport-dependent layout changes takes up enough of resources to consider it a low-level priority for some business cases.

How about I just close it and never open again?

Looks good ! How do I get the BIG pink bar away ? I would rather see ads (to support the free version) than that BIG PINK BAR ?

You can either cover my monthly 5 digit server bill or upgrade to a paid version. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ;)

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