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Hi looks interesting and useful! What's the differences between newscatcher (python) vs. newscatcherapi.com? Is there any limit on using newscatcher (python) as shown in the pricing pages?

Also, I was looking at https://newsapi.org. How does your python API compare? I see that in newsapi, it also get old articles; do you implement similar features?

Hey. Newscatcher (python) is an open-sourced package that we developed for users' side projects. There are no limits. You can even modify it for your own needs.

Newscatcher API is a product that allows you not only get the latest articles but also search by keywords, topic, country etc. Basically, the main feature is that you search for articles that contain a specific word or phrase. This can have an added value for professionals and companies. There will be a free plan for developers with limits and chargeable for more heavy usage.

Compare to newsapi, we are less expensive for the content. We will not be able to get old articles from today. We began to stock data couple at the release.

Hope I answered all of your questions.

Do you guys have any plans to create webhooks that let you know when a feed/search is updated with a new article in real time?

Hey. Not yet. Let us think about that.

It's probably not worth it. Anyone needing near-real-time feed webhook updates will probably build their own scraper.

There's seems to have a lot of news crawler APIs lately, a quite google and found these:

[1] https://currentsapi.services/en/product/price

[2] https://aylien.com/news-api/

[3] https://www.cityfalcon.com/products/api/financial-news

Also, newscatcherapi.com has a real suppport for 10 languages. And yeah, we are like 10 times cheaper

Disclaimer: I am a co-founder

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