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[flagged] Show HN: Personal finance guides to manage all aspects of your financial life (askfinny.com)
21 points by projomni 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Dunno about the US but in the UK we have https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ for info like this

Not sure why to sign up. It makes me suspicious of the angle.

Thanks for your feedback. Just wanted to let you know we ask people to sign in because we also answer users' questions and we want real people using the product. BTW, it's super quick if you use your Google or FB credentials.

I don’t want to SSO with a site that I don’t have any idea of the quality or whether it will serve my needs. I can’t view more than subject headers without signing in - at least give me an idea of what signing up gives me.

This looks interesting but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do on first impression. It's just a list of a bunch of finance related topics, and upon clicking one it just repeats the name of the clicked icon. This may be because I'm on mobile, but I'm just not sure how to use this site. Thanks for posting though.

Use the search bar--search the topic you're interested in.

I did happen to use that - but when you click on the topics it asks for a log in. I'm not well versed in the financial world so I was hoping this tool would be a little more transparent.

Hey this is pretty good and does not require any sign-up (hope will stay so)!

Great job

This feels a bit confusing to me (what should I be searching for?) and it does appear to require a signup to access any of the content:

"You need to log in to get the answer."

Same here, a bit confused as well. I found that there are descriptions for each “guide” if you switch from tile view to the list view under the search bar. But I am also receiving the login prompt to see anything useful. How does this compare to something like bogleheads or personalfinance?

Not only that once you've signed up you have to get "premium" to view the answer. BS

I pressed directly search without keyword and came some answers out... Using Firefox on mobile Android with uBlock origin.

Great resource!

based on what? You must really like it, it's your 2nd comment on HN and first in 9 months.

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