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The term “visual programming“ generally refers to spatial diagrams (usually 2D, but 3D especially for 3D subject matter).

Think coordinates, graphs, nodes, edges, flows, and nested diagrams.

“Visual” is especially meaningful in that many relationships are shown explicitly with connected lines or other means.

So yes, for many things a diagram, tree or table structure actually layer out in 2-dimensions to match what it represents is easier to understand.

Surely you appreciate diagrams in educational material despite the text. Surely you have drawn graphs or other kinds of diagrams when you need to visualize (spatially) relationships between parts of something you are designing?

If not, you just have a different style of thinking than many other people.

That contrasts with text code where connections are primarily discovered by proximity of code or common symbols.

Of course text is visual in that it’s a visible representation.

Spreadsheets are a good example of a combination of text “code” embedded in a visual table representation.

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