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Isn’t that the same goal as Docker? I’m surprised there’s still no Docker base image for NixOS...

"Same execution environment everywhere" is one way which developers use Docker. Docker gets this by copying the layers of a built image. Unlike nix, the image building itself doesn't need to be reproducible. So you can have a Dockerfile which works now but will fail to build in however many months.

"Reproducible builds" do get you "same execution environment everywhere". But they have the stronger guarantee that for the same inputs, outputs will be the same.

IMO/IME, I don't think that aspect of nix is a strong selling point for use of nix on developer workstations. Probably thanks to less-elegant solutions like "<language> Version Manager" etc..

But I think the nix language makes for a nicer way of describing a package of software you're developing in terms of dependencies and outputs than Dockerfile.

I do have to commend Docker for providing and managing an agreed upon VM for non-Linux users to host all their containers. It's the "killer-feature" that has made it as successful as it is. But underneath it requires a VM (libcontainer,LXC,virtualbox,hyperkit,etc) on non-Linux machines.

This helps developers work together and quickly get small projects up and running. I'd contend that after a while, a mess of containers/sidecars ends up becoming just as difficult to manage as a mess of native binaries. Hence the growth of so many container management systems. Now, because they are re-inventions of service managers we get the benefit of designing them from scratch for modern needs, but also loose many of the benefits of well understood semantics of native processes.

Looking for feedback: I've been playing with an idea (and have a system in production using it to try out the concept) where the Dockerfile only contains busybox+nix and you when you run it you specify an environment as a Nix path. Specify a binary cache via env vars. Using "nix run" this will download all deps and run your program, with bind mounts all containers can share the host cache. Put a RUN into the Dockerfile and you can prefetch all the deps. Basically it's a Docker container that uses Nix at build or run time for all the heavy lifting, instead of the docker layers mechanism.

How much overlap is there between your idea and Nixery?

Have you checked out the official container system in NixOS?

Yes, but it requires NixOS. This “docker compatibility layer” is about being able to use nix style packaging in environments that expect Docker. Eg: ECS. https://github.com/tomberek/nix-runner

There's some conceptual overlap but I don't think the two tools are redundant.

Using nix for development is sort of like having dedicated handcrafted development Docker containers for every single project... without having to ever use Docker or containers. You just get the sandboxing and safe reproducibility for free. It's kind of like having a build tool like cargo or stack, but for everything, all the time. You can fire up nix-shell for a project and just magically have the dependencies for that project available. There are tools like direnv and lorri that make this even easier and more powerful. Then, if you want to package up your project into a Docker image for deployment, you get that for free too.

With all of that said, the magic is blunted a bit by some rough edges, missing packages here and there, etc. I wouldn't jump into nix expecting to have a completely polished and flawless experience like you can get with Docker, which is a much more mainstream project at this point. But I do think this will rapidly improve with nix, especially with large and well-known companies like Shopify using it.

Using nix, you typically build from scratch and only include binaries that are needed in the Docker container. It’s quite elegant, and uses the nix cache, too, so you aren’t dependent on order of layers


A Docker base image with NixOS doesn't really make sense, since with Nix you wouldn't use Docker for building Docker images, but let Nix make images from scratch.

That's the approach my team is taking, anyways.


(and as others have noted, you don't need an OS in your Docker image)

https://hub.docker.com/r/nixos/nix/ seems to be a thing. It's apparently not a nixos image, but you probably don't want nixos with all the service configuration and so on, just nix, for most docker use-cases?

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