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Awesome list.

My personal #1 pet peeve for 10.10 was the resize problem.

There are some updates for that including a new gripper as well as increasing to 3px invisible border for resizing. Not to mention that Unity also sports some snap functionality.

This OMG! article was from two months ago, but you can get an idea for some of the resizing behavior. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/a-smattering-of-natty-upd...

The Skype menu is likely a bug w/ Skype detecting which system you are using. If you goto Skype->Options->General it might say 'Desktop settings' and that could get confused detecting what you are using. You can force it to use GTK+ and your issue should disappear.

I'll address the rest of the list in my general follow up to this thread around the EOD. Cheers!

Thanks for the Skype-Tip!

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