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Not OP but to achieve this in clojure you could use something like:

For builds and dependency management: Leiningen, boot or deps.edn

For the front-end (clojurescript): Shadow-cljs + reagent

For the backend (clojure): Nrepl and nrepl.cmdline, Ring, jetty + compojure for a REST API

Frontend and backend can share code with .cljc files that work on all clojure dialects. https://clojure.org/guides/reader_conditionals

Both nrepl and shadow-cljs support code reloading through the REPL connection.

You can compile to a jar file and deploy that, build a docker image, or compile to a native executable with graalvm, or deploy on Aws lambda with Cljs+Lambada. Lots of options.

Thank you sir. I am just learning Clojure right now , coming from JS and GO world.

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