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Ask HN: Interesting topics for a “Build a web app in Java” book
2 points by total_plus 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
Hi everyone, I am software developer with experience in Java. By navigating some popular websites/social media, it is common to come across developers launching books for React, Node, Rust, Vue and etc. But I rarely have seen a Java book launch. I am thinking of writing up a practical Java book that helps developers write a full working web application. Some of the topics I am planning to cover are: - REST API - Authentication and authorization - Interaction with the database (PostgreSQL) - Interaction with a Bootstrap front-end - Deploy to cloud services (AWS and Heroku) Would you guys be interested in this? What are some topics you think would be interesting?

I recently advised a friend who was building a web app in java and after launch he found the site would go down periodically. As the site grew it eventually started going down several times a day. Took weeks for him to find the memory leaks that caused this. Definitely might be good to have a chapter or two toward the end on performance, profiling, scalability, and plugging memory leaks.

Makes sense. I have also experienced performance issues in some projects. Thanks for sharing!

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