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Anyone at Google, you can see the complete list here: http://cs/Eric+Ciaramella

Am I reading this right? There is a list of censored words that applies across all google products, but only google employees can access it?

Anyone at google want to be a whistleblower and share this list?

This would be an incredible public service. While I believe Google is within its right to censor information on their platforms, the opacity with-which they do it is imo unacceptable, given the scale of their influence on the public dialogue. Similarly, I think any media conglomerate should be required to publish any formal lists of in-house gag-orders.

Ironically, it was google that first innovated along these lines with their “chilling effects” project. Any time a URL was removed via a copyright complaint, they would log it. If a search result was censored, you could see the copyright complaint. I’m not sure if they still do this.

Yes it does! They send the Chilling Effect report by email now though so you need to drop your email to received the list of DMCA'ed URIs.

Google still allows http internally?

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