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As an Ubuntu user since day one I don't like the way the distro is going. As some other users said before, the UI is not that great and lately I've seen ridiculous 'fixes' for bad decisions. For example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/notify-osd/+bug/46...

This is seen as a feature, it's basically a top right growl style notification bubble, but they added an 100px top offset so it wouldn't interfere with other applications. Why? Because the user can not click the notifications away, they have a delay and waiting is the only way to remove those bubbles. This has to be one of the worst decisions ever. Look at growl/OSX, it works. In this case it's fine to copy a feature and not try to be different.

Another thing I absolutely don't understand is all the media/audio frameworks there have been since 4.10 (not really an Ubuntu only problem), why not stick with one that just works? IMHO, Ubuntu should experiment all they want with unity, notify-osd, placing window buttons to the left, ... but please, just provide a basic install option that just works without all the fancy new stuff (that is probably thrown out soon anyway because something else comes up).

Just make it work. Steve Jobs seems to be able to impose decisions on a large group of people, but he also seems to have thought about most things really really well. Lately Ubuntu seems to adopt everything as long as it doesn't look like something everybody else has.

Sorry if I'm ranting, but as an Ubuntu lover the last few years have been a serious disappointment.

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