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I share the same feelings.

UNIX seemed a better architecture than the archaic MS-DOS/Windows 3.1 (not so much when compared against Amiga).

However thanks to my university I was able to plunge into Xerox PARC universe and its influences on ETHZ, and the more I learned reading their papers and manuals, with playing with Smalltalk/V and Native Oberon, made me a very grumpy UNIX user and eventually back into Windows/macOS world a couple of years later.

Picking up on your examples, ironically with DBUS, gobject, KParts, gRPC one could replicate the experience of such workstations on GNU/Linux, even something similar to OLE (which goes back to Xerox PARC inline documents), or OS wide REPL instead of plain old UNIX shell, but given the fragmentation of Linux distributions it is in vain to try to offer such experience.

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