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Show HN: VPC Design Studio – Subnet CIDR planning with Terraform/Pulumi code gen (houqp.github.io)
64 points by houqp 51 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

This is really well done. Really appreciate the Pulumi output option.

If we wanted to support vpc peering between accounts, is it a matter of copy paste?

Yes, but you would have to add the AWS peering resource yourself, which is not included in the generated code.

This is nice! Any plans to add CloudFormation output?

I probably wont have time to add it myself, but PRs welcome at https://github.com/houqp/vpcstudio :)

I could not tell but some coworkers asked when I referenced it (saw it in a lobste.rs post) if it supports terraform 0.12 and it seems you don't string interpolation anywhere, so it seems it is compatible with, given the code, < 0.12.x and > 0.12.x because of exactly what syntax is needed for VPC stuff. Is that correct?

That's right, the generated Terraform code is for > 0.12.x. That said, it's pretty easy to change it to generate < 0.12.x by editing the templates at https://github.com/houqp/vpcstudio/blob/master/src/terraform....

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